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  • 17th July
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I am beyond words right now, we just got this slip in the door.

My roommate mishi / laika and I have been on medical leave for a bit due to getting each other sick and have been struggling keeping up with our bills on art commissions alone. We have been just barely making it work and trying to get back to work(but have to go to the doctor to get cleared and thats money we don’t have) 

Moreso we just got served with notice that our apartment complex did not recieve our rent for last month. They are threatening eviction at the end of the month if we do not pay in full(not to mention this month’s rent) and we are completely screwed if they don’t find our payment. 
The amount due: $866
I am assuming if they do not find it someone stole it from the box. 

Any help even a dollar would make a world of difference. Thank you.

You can donate through paypal. (I have a button on my page)

or i have a gofundme

(if you can’t donate a signal boost would be helpful)

I am also taking PWYW commissions please email me at innocentecchi@gmail.com to work something out.

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  • 16th July
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I took some dragon request over on dA a week or two ago and here are the results. This was fun to do and I think I finally figured out my prices as well.

Dergins for doctater, balletvamp, tcstarwind and Arakutage.
The bottom two are my skydancer and grumpy baby Tyrant.

To those who go request you can repost this with credit to me, only the ones I drew for can.

Oooo looky! :D  Nauro drew my Micah (the top right corner).   So pretty! :D  Now I need to actually develop him as a character because this art is so fab.  (I’m on Flightrising as balletvamp, surprise surprise, if anyone else is on there :3 )

  • 16th July
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Guard Up Has Become My Life

I apologize that I am never around anymore.   My job has pretty much eaten my life.  Now that I’ve been promoted, I might as well be living at Guard Up.   I work 6 days a week now and often work 12+ hours a day.  It’s a good thing I love it there.

Part of the reason for the long hours is having our staff split between the facility and off site at our outdoor/overnight camps.  Add other staff on vacation and some staff moving on to other things in their lives and there you go.  (BY THE WAY, if you want to work at the most awesome place EVER, aside from maybe Disney World, we’re hiring: http://boston.craigslist.org/nwb/edu/4571863185.html  )

But, anyhow, that is where I am.  I miss talking to y’all and anyone who I’ve not talked to lately should note me and update me on their life.   (I was feeling nostalgic for Otakon the other day, as a random aside.  ”Don’t worry. It’s a rental.” )

Things at home aren’t great at all, but that’s it’s own matter.  Boo is doing pretty well!  I worry constantly about her when I’m away, even though she has mum, but she’s doing well.  

I’m trying to fit in sculpting amid all of this other chaos and so many friends are having weddings and all those things associated with weddings. 

At this point, I’m simply rambling.   LOVE TO ALL.


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  • 15th July
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This is for everyone in the face of countless strangers and loved ones who tell you that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” or who assume things about you that couldn’t possible be any more wrong about who you are and who you want to be. It goes for anything.

You are who you choose to be. Not what anybody else chooses for you.

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  • 13th July
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learn2anarchy replied to your post “I’ve been promoted! :D”


I know right??   And today I got a set of keys to the building and such. I feel so responsible!

imofish replied to your post “I’ve been promoted! :D”


Thank you, Squishy!! Someday, I expect you to visit somehow XD

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asgklhsdlgsdfsf ALL THE HEARTS FOR THIS

Thank you, lovey!  *MANY HUGS IN RETURN* 

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sterekdimples replied to your post “I’ve been promoted! :D”

Yayyy!!! congrats miss kitty! :D

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  • 10th July
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I’ve been promoted! :D

Yesterday, I gained a class. Today, my boss, Brad, called me into his office (while in a dress and wig because he’d just been pretending to be a girl in the camp adventure to cheer up a little girl who was wishing there were more girls).  

I was nervous I’d somehow screwed something up, but then he sat me down …AND OFFERED ME A PROMOTION 8D    A full time salaried position as a supervisor.  WITH HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS!!!  I very nearly keeled over in glee. 

Today was fantastic

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